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  2. Fangs of Stakato - The Zero Hour Quick tutorial for everyone who has difficulty in this mission
  3. How to make tts recs Egg delivery - running Specialty Liquor Delivery - running The Finest Food - Killing monsters
  4. Raid Token. Obtained by killing raids you will receive an amount of points. at the end of each week the clan with the most points will receive a reward. you can check the amount of points using .topclans Raid Boss lvl 70-79 - When killing you get 3~4 Raid tokens and 10 points. Shilen's Messenger Cabrio Korim Roaring Skylancer Fafurion's Herald Lness Palibati Queen Themis Beast Lord Behemoth Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron Flame of Splendor Barakiel Meanas Anor Eilhalder von Hellmann Immortal Savior Mardil Water Dragon Seer Sheshark Vanor Chief Kandra Doom Blade Tanatos Death Lord Hallate Plague Golem Antharas Priest Cloe Krian Padisha Sobekk Icicle Emperor Bumbalump Kernon Storm Winged Naga Last Lesser Giant Olkuth Palatanos of Horrific Power Bloody Empress Decarbia Death Lord Ipos Death Lord Shax Flamestone Giant Ocean Flame Ashakiel Fire of Wrath Shuriel Last Lesser Giant Glaki Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs Daimon The White Longhorn Golkonda Cherub Galaxia Raid Boss lvl 80-89 - When killing you get 3~4 Raid tokens and 20 points. Ketra's Hero Hekaton Varka's Hero Shadith Queen Shyeed Ember Uruka Ketra's Chief Horus Soul Of Fire Nastron Soul Of Water Ashutar High Priestess Van Halter Sailren Castle Siege Aden - 100 Points Schuttgart - 50 Points Rune - 50 Points Giran - 50 Points Goddard - 50 Points Innadril - 50 Points Oren - 50 Points Dion - 50 Points Gludio - 50 Points
  5. Anakazel absorb chance 20% Rift min in party for enter = 2 Max Rift Jumps = 4 # At the end of the group will be teleported to the waiting room. Auto Jumps Delay Random = 8 Minutes
  6. See some of our art.
  7. Here's a quick topic teaching what you'll need to make your Sub Class. In order to get the Sub Class you will need: Talk to all the chests that will spawn after the Raid Boss dies Select the option "Get the Scepter" After you get all the 4 Scepters, you will have to buy the Mimir's Elixir. For buying this item, you will need all the 4 Scepters and 50.000.000 Milion Adena. It can be found on the GM Shop and also in the Grand Master NPC. GM Shop:
  8. Sale or purchase of game values for non-game means or funds not provided for in Project [1- RMT] Before describing violations and penalties following them, we want to express our position regarding this section. We are not against real money trade (RМТ), but even welcome. We are well aware that commercial component of this game has long ago grown into meaning of life or the moral enjoyment of extra income. To do this, we created the Marketplace section. As well as additional separate section on forum, where you can create sales messages on it, as well as write suggestions for improving it. These violations relate to trading on third-party resources and inside game bypassing exchange. It should be noted that in the case of capture of offender: in primary case, exchange balance is reset. Secondary capture - ban on withdrawal of real funds permanently.
  9. Frequent Asked Questions - My client closes after my game starts but it doens't show any error log. If you have an NVIDIA GPU, you should try this:
  10. So we decided to add Runes instead. Check how they are going to work: • EXP/SP Rune: will give bonus 1.5x EXP/SP. • Spoil Rune: will give bonus x1.5 spoil chance + amount of spoiled items. Spoil will be x8 • Drop Rune: will give bonus x1.5 drop chance + amount of dropped items. Drop will be x8 • Adena Rune: will give bonus x1.5 adena chance + amount of adena. Adena will be x18 You will also to be able to choose the duration of your rune, we are going to sell the following duration: • 1 day, 5 days, 7 days.
  11. RATED EXP rated - 10x. SP rated - 10x. Adena rated - 7x. Drop rated - 5x. Spoil drop - 5x. Quest rated - 1x. Seal stones - 3x. ENCHANTS Safe Enchant + 3. Max enchant + 16. Scroll Enchant chance - 45% Blessed Scroll Enchant chance - 51% EPIC/RAID BOSSES AND QUEST EXP/SP rated - 5x. Epic boss drop - 1x. Raid boss drop - 1x. Quest Retail. All zone epic and custom raid - CHAOTIC ZONE ON. NPCs GM Shop - ON. Gatekeeper. Support Magic ( Buffer Basic ). Pawn Shop, grand master. Warehouse GAME FEATURES Primavel Island - Adena rated - 2x. Skill block debuff - ON. SHIFT + CLICK - Check droplist on monsters. Vote System reward items. Offline Shop - ON. Tyrannosaurus drop top ls - chance 20%. Autoloot - ON. Auto learn skills. NPC Buffer - With 1h buffer duration. Buff Slot: 22 + 4 (Divine Inspiration). Mana Potion: 500 MP - 5 sec cooldown. Gatekeeper free up until leval 40. Retail geodata and pathnodes. Teleport protection in seconds 20 1ST CLASS – 50.000,00 / 2 ND – CLASS 500.000,00 / 3 – 700 Halisha's Mark from Shrine of Loyalty. Scroll Escape Infinity for Giran Town - ON. Global Chat - ON. Auto Pick Up in EPIC/RAID - OFF. Subclass Items required from Cabrio and TOI Hallate/Kernon/Golkonda - More information CLICK HERE! Noblesse Retail Quest. Raid Informer NPC with date RB status Retail Geodata and Pathnodes. Seven Signs Open 24/7 without registration, mammons in Giran. OLYMPIAD Olympiad circle 7 days. First olympiad games - XXXX. Non-class 5 minimum participants to begin Class based 9 minimum participants to begin COMMANDS .menu .acp .pa .rb / .epic .help .vote .mission (Archivments) EVENTS. Group vs Group. TvT / CTF / DM. Drop Medal. Kamaloka ALL THOSE QUESTS ARE X3 Alliance with the Ketra Orcs Alliance with the Varka Silenos War with Ketra Orcs War with the Varka Silenos The Finest Food A Powerful Primeval Creature Legacy of Insolence Exploration of Giants Cave Part 1 Exploration of Giants Cave Part 2 Seekers of the Holy Grail Guardians of the Holy Grail Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force The Zero Hour Delicious Top Choice Meat Heart in Search of Power Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe Yoke of the Past Supplier Of Reagents CHANGE RAID/EPIC BOSS All Raid Boss 12 - 36 hours retail respawn Frintezza 48 - 50 hours Valakas 264 - 266 hours Antharas 192 - 194 hours Baium 120 - 122 hours Zaken 48 - 50 hours Level 60 ! Orfen 36 - 38 hours Level 50 ! Core 36 - 38 hours Level 50 ! Ant Queen 24 - 26 hours Level 40 ! Subclass Raids 18 - 20 hours Splendor Barakiel 16 - 18 hours (Noblesse raid boss) Varka’s Hero Shadith 22 - 24 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Ketra Orcs) Varka’s Commander Mos 22 - 24 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Ketra Orcs) Ketra’s Hero Hekaton 22 - 24 hours (4th lvl of alliance with Varka Sile.) Ketra’s Commander Tayr 22 - 24 hours (5th lvl of alliance with Varka Sile.)
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